Why a Food Tour?

Hello friends, food lovers, historians, and shoppers! Before I answer the question, "Why a food tour"?, I would like to tell you about myself. My name is Vicky James Lambert, and I am the Owner/Operator and your tour guide for Walk Eat Mount Vernon. Except for a few years in Nashville, TN and Columbus, OH, I have always lived in Knox County. I now reside in Mount Vernon with my husband Jerry, and our Golden Retriever, Ivy. We have three grown children. After thirty-four years, I retired from Mount Vernon City and Danville Local Schools. I like to read, hike, and enjoy anything that has to do with eating and cooking.

Over the past twenty years, I have enjoyed participating in food tours with friends and family in Chicago, LA, New York, Nashville, Atlanta, and Columbus. When Mount Vernon added several quality food venues over the course of three years, the time was right to bring the outside world to Mount Vernon as well as the community, through Walk Eat Mount Vernon.

In 2018, Mount Vernon was featured on the cover of the Ohio Magazine as one of the best five hometowns in the state due to its merging of history and community with dramatic improvement projects. This trend has continued and is beginning to bring in interest and tourists. Add that to the facts that 1/3 of a traveler's income is spent on food, and tours and tastings increased by 61% in one year, and you have a "recipe" for success!

My interest in a food tour stems from an appreciation of history and architectural integrity, and of course food! My personal fascination with downtown Mount Vernon started when I was 11. My parents would put me on the YMCA bus (driven by Bob Denzer) for a day of activities. In between swim lessons and open gym, I would walk to the Ben Franklin store to purchase giant costume jewelry rings. Imagine that happening today!

Please join me and discover the exciting downtown through Walk Eat Mount Vernon!

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