Reasons to Take a Walk Eat Mount Vernon Food Tour #1

Walk Eat Mount Vernon conducts walking food tours in downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio. Enjoy a taste of fare from a variety of restaurants and breweries while learning about history, architecture, shops, and artisans -- past and present!

Now you know what Walk Eat Mount Vernon is, but why should you book a tour with us? There are four main reasons and I will share my thoughts on the first this week.

  1. You get to sample food from several places without having to spend a lot of time at each or purchase full meals. These are places that locals would recommend and if you are new to the area or have a limited amount of time, you get to see and taste a lot. The samplings include appetizers, entrees, desserts and specialty drinks and can be enjoyed by both the young and old. When on tours in other cities, I often find a favorite place to revisit with friends and family at a later date. My husband and I still order oils and vinegars from a shop we visited on a food tour twenty years ago. Besides the variety of foods on Walk Eat Mount Vernon, the venues are diverse and perfect for showcasing the food choices. You will experience food trucks, elegant and traditional interiors and the minimalist urban industrial brewery. They reflect the eclectic interests of a rapidly growing, and fun downtown.   






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